ZoomDoc Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Private testing services

  • ZoomDoc patients should discuss any necessary tests with their GP which may be able to be offered through the NHS in the normal way without charge.
  • Certain medical tests. These services are provided in collaboration with a partner laboratory with which the Company has entered into arrangements for those services.
  • The partner laboratory is a separate entity from us and to the extent permitted by law we disclaim any liability for any acts or omissions of the partner laboratory.
  • The time frames on receiving clinical results that are listed on the ZoomDoc sales website are provided in conjunction with time frames that have been provided by the partner laboratory to ZoomDoc. All reasonable endeavours will be made to provide the results during that time but under exceptional circumstances, if the laboratory becomes very busy or there is a system failure within the laboratory then these times may not be met.
  • By ordering any tests, you agree to comply with any instructions provided in relation to the Tests including in relation to the booking and administration of Tests, receipt and provision of Test materials and samples (including delivery by post or attendance in person at Test facilities) and payment.
  • The prices will be displayed within the ZoomDoc website and you agree to those at the time of ordering.
  • We will use reasonable endeavours to procure the processing and despatch of your Test in the next business day where the Test is in stock;
  • The delivery time following despatch should typically not exceed 3 business days but please note that in relation to delivery to remote locations that delivery time could be longer;
  • Prices and delivery fees are displayed within the Website at the time of the order;
  • Delivery will be either by express delivery or refrigerated express delivery, depending on the Test;
  • Tests are personal to the person for whom they are intended and therefore may not be returned and no refunds will be given for Tests ordered once the order is placed;
  • orders may be subject to a minimum price as displayed on the website.
  • We or our partner laboratory may refuse to fulfil an order where we consider the order not to be in the best interests of the person for whom it is intended or who has ordered it or may be illegal or contrary to any regulation or guideline; and
  • If no one is available to take delivery of the order when delivery is first attempted, there may be a delay in delivery, and/or the recipient may have to follow the procedures of the relevant despatch company in order to collect the order, including picking it up from a depot.
  • Processing time for a returned Test will vary depending on the Test but we will use reasonable endeavours to procure that the laboratory analyses the Test and returns results within 3-5 business days. Results will be delivered to you via email and you explicitly consent to that by ordering your test.
  • ZoomDoc will use reasonable efforts to process any orders for Test services within 2 business days and the time limits set out above start running from the end of that processing period.
  • It may not be appropriate for some Tests to be self-administered, in which case they may not be available for delivery and must be conducted by a registered medical practitioner or nurse.
  • You can only order tests within the United Kingdom.